The Stargazing Frog paperback and ebook.

The Stargazing Frog.

A poetry collection of 366 original haiku about nature, humans and stars.

Welcome to my personal blog:

Musings of a sanguine mind.

I write mostly about humans, stars and art.

You can find the Archive if you follow the star…

We are just an advanced breed of monkeys on a minor planet of a very average star. But we can understand the universe.
That makes us something very special.

Short bio.


A hermit amidst society,
a modest scholar and keen observer of human activity.

A pragmatic romanticist at heart, my dream for a global human civilization of the stars is what keeps me awake at night and my glass of brandy semi-empty.

The Stargazing Frog is my first published collection of haiku and other 3-liners in the English language. You may find me at social media under @akirasternberg or here, at my blog “Musings of a Sanguine Mind,” where I propagate my views about the upcoming space age, or I just ramble aimlessly.

Akira G. Sternberg photo.
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