A hard kiss for the New Year.

A hard kiss for the new year blog post 31 Dec 2016

Hey! Don’t say a word about your “new year resolutions”. Don’t want to hear! Shush! Not a word! Nope! Oh, and a happy new year to you, sucker.

Why waste five precious minutes of my precious time to hear you prattle about things that you are not going to do after all? I have better things to do, like, say, discuss the fundamental problems of existentialism with my goldfish. That would be interesting – and, imagine, I have no goldfish.

But let’s calm down, shall we? There is something undeniable charming about the so-called new year resolutions of yours. First of all, they are yours – or you think they are.

Perhaps the urge to set and declare some resolutions for the new year is founded on some kind of guilt syndrome. We are never good enough, we lift many burdens all year long (most of which were put on our shoulders by “others”), we struggle to fulfil assignments and deadlines, we race to earn a living, make some money and get wasted every Friday, and most importantly we don’t want to let the people we care about down.

We have to do all that stuff, for sure. At least that’s what the “others” have led us to believe.

But let me tell you something about the “others”: they want you to do good, no doubt about that, but not better than them. Remember that!

They want you to have a job and make some money, but not without struggle and pain. You’ll have to earn your living with sweat and labour.

They want you to be happy, but share your happiness with them, making them the focus of your life.

They want you to be yourself, but the only part of your self they really want you to be is the one that likes them.

They want you to follow your dreams, but only in the confining frame of their own narrow perspective.

They want you to get married and have children, only to experience yourself the pains of having a family and of raising children.

This year, though, we are not going to take all that BS anymore! We’ll be our own kings, thank you very much! We’ll be going to bed early, early to rise, and become healthy, wealthy and wise – and we’re going to do all that our way, just like Frank said.

We’ll move to a new house; start a business; travel more, visit new places; and we’ll definitely date that girl with the dreamy eyes (and the big boobs).

Yeah, sure…

By the way, do you also use the plural when referring to “you” – your self and your real you? I don’t know, but it puts a majestic tone to the inner dialogue; apart from feeling, in a deeper level, “right”. After all, I am not my thoughts, am I?

Anyway, back to our business. What we were saying? Oh, yeah, your little aspirations.

Thank you very much, but I think I’ll pass; as will you, eventually. You know why?

Because you are weak. You are weak and not mad about it – not mad enough for that matter.

Let’s face it, shall we? You are weak and you find comfort in your weakness.

Setting resolutions is a cunning way to bypass criticism and postpone action. Sounds paradoxical, but that’s how human nature works.

It takes more than that to get the job done, I’m afraid. Dreaming is not enough. Success is the outcome of your toils and dreaming is not a laborious activity; just a leisure pastime.

You need a “why”, you need a set of goals, you need a plan. Do or do not, that is the question.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not against you – but neither am I on your side. I don’t have any secret agenda about you. I don’t want you to do something. The concept of me wanting you to do something is a bit oppressive, don’t you think?
Do whatever you want – but I’m not going to take any more BS from you, violating logic, saying one thing, meaning another and doing something entirely different. Let’s enjoy some consistency, for holy potato’s sake!

If you make some steps, I’ll be content; if you keep rolling, baby, I’ll be happy; and if you succeed, oh boy, I’ll be delirious with joy – but that’s just my business. Does that makes sense? Hope so, but don’t really care.

Well, that’s my hard kiss for the new year; same shit, actually: man up and get ready to kick some ass, or have your ass kicked – figuratively speaking.

Nice, huh?

Let’s conclude this rant with an uplifting tone, shall we? Let’s part with some cheerful season greetings.

Νot something trivial or cliché, though. “Have a happy new year” is a pathetic kind of a wish. It’s more like a mental condition: “be always happy…” Not going to happen, and, take my word for it, it’s all for the better.

Happiness is not a fixed condition; it’s an ongoing process of overcoming obstacles – and an obstacle is by default something that causes unhappiness, anxiety, discomfort, even turmoil.

My wholeheartedly wish to you, then, is this, although it may sound a bit cheesy: find your dream, set goals, plan your actions, rise and set the world ablaze.

Well, yes, I admit it now. It is clear that I do have a secret agenda for you after all and it is this: I want you to set as an imperative the need to be free of me, of them, of you.

Ego is a parasite of the mind; Conformity will fucking kill you!


PS.: And a happy new year! 

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