About Akira G. Sternberg.

The attempt to write your autobiography, in a complete and meaningful manner, is condemned to failure – something that also holds for biographies. Inevitably, you will see the red thread of actions and decisions that form the essence of your life through the distorting glasses of your current worldview and opinion about the human matters. Thus it is more or less of no significance to an exterior observer.

Additionally, the person writing his or hers autobiography has to fulfill the psychological need of justify, legitimise and rationalise the course of life he or she undertook up to now.

Therefore, I will cite only the major events of my mundane life, as less objectively as I can, so the reader can shape his or her own opinion about my person.

Follow my red thread in life

I was conceived on an oil supertanker off the coast of Japan and born on a mountainous island in Greece.

My parents could have been more different characters and personalities, but they just let it there, at complete opposites.

This explosive mixture resulted in me being rather feisty, quite stubborn and peculiarly introverted.

These fine qualities resulted in me being early on a hermit amidst society, a scholar and observer of human activity.

I studies Mathematics, but in parallel I studied on my self philosophy, history, political sciences and music.

Later on, when I got my nose out of the books, I realised that there is a whole physical and quite tangible world out there, ready to be discovered.

Thus being a man of letters by birth I become a man of action by choice.

I took on martial arts (kendo and boxing in particular) and starting working out (firstly crossfit and lately mostly bodyweight training).

In my free time I work on a multinational media corporation, where I run the rat race with some but not great success, as administrative manager in one of the companies.

I really deeply hate noise, I really deeply love the music of Bach, Beethoven and Wagner.

I eat and enjoy eating almost everything and I love a glass of fortified alcohol in the evening (every hour of the day there is a place on Earth where it is ‘evening’).

At my heart, I am a pragmatic romanticist, with a healthy dose of cynicism and a generous dose of stoicism.

I am irreligious, and if I was politely asked at gunpoint to choose a religion, I would pull the trigger myself, being unable to choose between Buddhism (of the Theravada school), Daoism and Shintoism.

I hold nothing more dear, than the grand vision for a global human civilization of the stars!

My birthday is on 30th March, something that makes me an Aries, as I am told – which is good, since I like the connotations with the ancient ‘Age of the Aries,’ before the ‘Age of the Pisces’ associated with Jesus, when human societies lived in harmony with the celestial rhythm.

Is my name mine?

My name, Akira, is Japanese in origin. In kanji writing is written as ‘明’, an ideogram comprised of 日 = sun and 月 = moon, which means “sunlight and moonlight”, “bright”, “intelligent”, “wisdom” or “truth.”

My middle name is Graham, which in Old English means or refers to a ‘gray home,’ or ‘gravel homestead.’

My surname, Sternberg, is a compound, derived from two German words: ‘Stern,’ the Middle High German word for star, and ‘Berc,’ the Old High German word for mountain.

Altogether, one can say that my name means ‘Sun and moon and stars over a mountainous grey homestead.

I am very happy that my name combines Japanese, Britannic and Germanic traditions, with these exacts meanings, all having to do with the Earth and the Sky. My name is a constant reminder of my cause and vision in life: to help bring about a true Space Age for humanity.

Over grey homestead
on this great mountain of ours
sun, moon and stars trek


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