Welcome to my personal website.

Some, very few, people have asked me over time to put my thoughts and writings on screen. Thus, after years of harsh resistance, I decided to indulge them and set up this little blog. I must thank SETimprint, my publishing ehouse, for the kind hospitality and hosting. I also thank you, my unique reader with this admirable patience and taste, who are right now reading my rambles. I would like you to know that I am most grateful for your time, and I would love to hear your feedback. I assure you that I take every opinion and suggestion very seriously in consideration.

The three main subjects of this blog are:

  • Humans: Posts having to do with the fascinating human nature. After all, by default, everything that we do is human, all too human.
  • Stars: I love the night starry sky and the fantasy that one day humans will trek amongst the star. “You are a child of the universe / no less than the trees and the stars; / you have a right to be here. / And whether or not it is clear to you, / no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.” ― Max Ehrmann.
  • Art: I also love art – music in particular, which I humbly and amateurishly try to serve myself. “Art is the Queen of all sciences communicating knowledge to all the generations of the world.” ― Leonardo da Vinci.

The three styles of writing are:

  • Musings: Just musings, rambles and random thoughts, with no particular structure, form or purpose.
  • Treats: News, paralipomena and what I have found to be of interest from other sources. I would by happy to examine your suggestions.
  • Writings: Original content of a more ‘serious’ nature, in structure and form.

A note on the name “Sanguine”

Sanguine: 1. (in old physiology) having blood as the predominating bodily humor and consequently being ruddy-faced, cheerful, cheerfully optimistic, hopeful, or confident; 2. of a healthy red color, ruddy; 3. a red iron-oxide crayon used in making drawings.

I hope you find your visit here beneficial and enjoyable!

If you want to learn a bit more about me, please visit the About Akira Sternberg page.

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