I took a path that’s narrow all along
A path that’s dark and lonely, feared by all,
Without a company or friendly hand
A steep ascent alone to climb I had
—To choose my duty I must

But I set out without a map in mind
Without a final end, like being blind,
I let my hopes to guide me far, oh, far
Above all else my fear the dreadful star
—To choose my duty I must

That’s how I run and run to future times
Away from present small and petty crimes,
A fool but wise and smart but surely mad
To chase away my life like dog a cat
—To choose my duty I must

This path that leads to top is not heroic
It’s neither bad nor good, but truly stoic,
And know, my soul, that tread this tight lone path:
Who walks alone evokes the public’s wrath
—To choose your duty you must

No such a thing exists that brings me joy
No other game nor play or childish toy:
The duty keeping soul and body tough
For this, ah, sets apart a boy from man
—To choose my duty and act

‘Kind but rough,
You’re beautiful to me’, she said, ‘my luv’

Photo by Lukasz Szmigiel on Unsplash.

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