Eternal love can last only a day.

Eternal love can last only a day.

To my beloved M.

Eternal love can last only a day
Because that is what we all have to spend
Just twenty four of our golden coins and
No more, no less, no other than today.
‘How long your love will last?’ that’s without end
What you keep asking, dear, as if you lack
The knowledge I possess, never held back,
But here is my reply of what I’ve felt:
My love on Sunday is always intact,
On hateful Monday but on Tuesday too,
And so remains through all Wednesday as new,
More so on Thursday, Friday for a fact.
Saturday is when love is like a child’s play
but day in day out love will find the way.

Akira G. Sternberg

Sonnet in varied iambic pentameter.

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Photo by Allef Vinicius, texture by Scott Webb on Unsplash.

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