Set the world ablaze.

Set the world ablaze

Most people don’t shine at all; their spirit is grim and their intellect is dull. They go on with their lives, day in and day out, ruled by routine – no, taking refuge in their precious routine.

Nothing can shake the idea they have of the world, no amount of boredom can kill them, no amount of pain can make them shed a tear. They are content with themselves and seek nothing more.

Many people seem to glow a blinding flashing light, but in reality they only reflect it, like big, noisy, hollow disco balls. Many mistake that for strength or even power, but nothing is further from truth.

They undertake every task with fierce and superfluous energy, and their overabundant vitality is squandered in trivialities. Restless they travel the world, always seeking new adventures, new obstacles to overcome – and when they find none, they create it themselves.

Some people leisurely shine a dim, warm light, which is neither blinding nor fancy. On the contrary, their presence is rather soothing and comforting, like a calmly crackling fireplace in a deep winter snowy night.

Many, the same people as above, mistake that for weakness – and they may be right, for those who cannot or do not care to realise their importance go unnoticed by the world, happy with themselves and often contemptuous of all the rest.

Who can blame them? Who wants to get out in the cold night and loose the sweet brandy he keeps warm in his palm?

But there are few people who focus their light into a powerful beam of energy, which none can see and is capable of cutting through any obstacle. 

It emanates through the cracks of their existence, struggling to be set free of the corporeal prison and travel over time and space, bending the continuum to fit their dreams. 

Silently, making absolutely no fuss about it, like snowflakes falling on the naked branches of trees, these people produce works of great importance for humankind, true masterpieces, just as sculptors of old who carved beauty out of marble, or as poets coining new words to glorify the thrilling bosom of a girl.

How splendid they are, how rare in this world of pretence and presumption! Let us kindle our hearts, let us kindle our minds, and set the world ablaze.

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