The decline of western societies.

The decline of western societies.

Numbed by apathy.

Western culture is in steep decline. Every aspect of what makes the social fabric and character is in decline. It looks as if Western countries are in a self-destructing procedure, in a spiral of death, until they dissolve into nothingness.

All the while, some parts of that society, with limitless capacity to make themselves heard, are singing and dancing — enjoying and even praising the procedure. This sorry situation is regrettable.

What lies in the root of that fatal decease is nihilism and moral decadence. Well, the verb ‘lies’ is unfortunate. We are not talking about a passive cause, but about something that is actively working towards its ends.

The ‘nihilism’ we are referring to here is not the academic nihilism. A kind of scientific worldview that tries to understand and explain the world with the utmost objectivity and impartiality.

Propagating life and living is the core purpose of society, not explaining or understanding the world.

The ‘nihilism’ we are referring to is the dissolution of moral principles, and the reinforcement of ethical relativity.

Society is not just a sum of individuals.

Society is an extremely complicated construct. It may consist of individual members, but its overall character is not a mere average of its parts. Most of the times there is a stark difference between the two levels.

For instance, on the personal level, people in a society can be hard, strict and rigid. But the overall effect on the society as a whole is rather beneficial, making the society benevolent and good.

Contrary to that, as is the case nowadays, delicate and sensitive individuals can produce a society that is overall ultimately indifferent and apathetic.

Being part of a society means that you have obligations and restrictions. That you lead your life with purpose and dignity. Only demanding your ‘rights as a human being’ with a sense of entitlement without responsibilities has awful consequences.

An autoimmune fatal disease.

The difficult part is that after such a procedure is initialised it can easily go out of hand. Like cancer, it grows disproportionately and eventually kills the host.

Domestic violence, drug addiction, aggressive youths, broken families, on the personal level.

Criminality, hooliganism, censorship, injustice on the social level.

In the meantime, half measures and false remedies offer little help. Turning to medication to treat the inevitable depression or the other mental disorders is not very efficient.

Additionally, the overall apathy and nihilism, opens the gates of Hell. When a society cannot protect itself or is excessively ‘open’, then inevitably foreign bodies will enter its core.

It should be stressed that we are not talking about evolution, progress or a healthy osmosis between different cultures.

What we have in mind is a total alienation of a group of people from their roots and traditions. A complete makeover that is neither beneficial nor consciously asked for.

Poor are rich in principles.

Those who propagate this ‘paradigm shift’, hold that poverty is the root of all evils. That we have to protect poor people, that there is no other criterion than class and scarcity of means.

This is just a tool, a rhetoric scheme, and ultimately a scum.

Poverty cannot explain aggressive, criminal and self-destructive behaviour. There are countless of counterexamples. Especially in overall poor countries, you find the most dignified and decent people.

It is in overall rich countries — i.e. western countries — that you find this self-destructive behaviour and line of thought.

It is no secret, that many of the troublemakers in western cities come from middle class or above families.

Children raised poorly in riches. Teenagers with no lack in means but with lack in a meaning. Young men materially rich but intellectually poor.

Humans by their nature cannot live their lives without a meaning. Without something giving shape and purpose in their actions and thoughts. In short, without principles.

And principles are by default immaterial. Having riches, followers, likes, branded possessions are not principles. Believing in something greater than you is.

The necessity for ‘belonging’ is interwoven in our very nature as social animals.

Intellectuals with flawed intellect.

You cannot simply do away with a system of principles and a certain way of life. Human spiritual constitution, like nature, abhors the vacuum.

What is happening now, though, is that on the one hand we are doing away with the ‘old way of thinking’ without on the other hand trying to evolve and create a new way of thinking.

These are interesting times.

You have to let the new evolve. You cannot impose progress, in any way. This experiment has been tried, more times that it should, and failed gravely.

Immeasurable pain, misery and death has been produced, all by supposedly good intentions.

The prospect of free money and equality in poverty is a cunning and effective lure. But only if you cannot discern the fisherman and his basket, above the blurred surface. Especially if the surface is painted in bright colours by many intellectuals and persons of some significance.

Moreover, the ‘star system’ adopts and propagates these views, in an effort to raise its significance.

Why should a good actor or a good singer not be content with his art but use his podium to extend his views to a willing audience? And why these views are more often than not a mixture of crude, ignorant and malevolent rumination of destructive ideas coming from radical intellectuals?

Because they either believe them to be true and beneficial or they have something to gain (not necessarily a material gain) by propagating them. Most often because of both.

It’s the same story. Intellectuals having no real power over the world and trying to gain some by defining the meanings of notions, words, cultures. Trying to be kings.

The SET Imperative.

There is an imperative need for action — not reaction.

We have to act on these matters. We have to think about these matters before we act. And we have to feel before we think.

Feel our surroundings. See the beauty of nature, of traditional arts, of old buildings. See the ugliness of post-modern art and way of life.

Feel our fellow citizens. Observe their needs, their pain, their aspirations. Observe the rudeness, the anguish, the violence that radical ideas can induce upon societies.

And decide.

Decide whether we want to take a step back or a step forward. Whether we want to step down or step up.

If there is a choice, why not reach for the stars?

That is the SET Imperative.

Progress through evolution; evolution of tradition.

Not regression through revolution; revolution against tradition.

We have to fly to the stars upon the wings of the golden ram that humanity is breeding for thousands of years.

We should not sacrifice this gorgeous ram on the altar of false gods. Gods seemingly benevolent but ultimately maleficent.

The future belongs to those who are willing to take all the necessary sacrifices in order to shape it.

Let’s shape the future.

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Photo by Alberto Bigoni on Unsplash.

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